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If you are lucky(or unlucky) enough to be at my desk at work, you would have an idea for sure who these lill guys are.. Yeah, these are the guys who guard my desk with their inter-galactic powers. I’ve always been mesmerized by the infinite white background photos and now is my chance to try it out. Before i […]

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Close Encounters

Millipedes – That’s how most of us know it. I often end-up mixing it up with Centipedes, not sure of the reason. These are just abundant in damp weather areas. Knowing their size, they often see their last light after a bike/car tire rolls over them or some person simply puts all their body weight on […]

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Yercaud – There is a pretty good chance that most south Indians would know this place but i won’t be surprised if someone replied..’the where..’ It’s a hill station near my home town and one of my favorite destinations. The reasons i love this place, it’s never too much crowded. Considering the 1500ft+ elevation above sea level, […]

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India Trip

From the minute i landed in India till i hopped on the plane back to Chicago, there wasn’t a minute when it wasn’t raining there. Well, it was both good and bad. It was green pretty much everywhere and yes the bad thing, i wasn’t able to be on the road as much as i […]

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Selva & Kavikuyil Sarojini

Such a fun wedding… enuf said… One of the sole reasons why i traveled to India, to attend my buddy’s wedding at my home town. Shooting this marriage was certainly in my mind. When i attended the wedding reception the day previous to wedding, i realized that i’ll surely be pissing off the wedding camera crew if […]

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F o l l o w   M e !