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Close Encounters

Millipedes – That’s how most of us know it. I often end-up mixing it up with Centipedes, not sure of the reason. These are just abundant in damp weather areas. Knowing their size, they often see their last light after a bike/car tire rolls over them or some person simply puts all their body weight on […]

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Yercaud – There is a pretty good chance that most south Indians would know this place but i won’t be surprised if someone replied..’the where..’ It’s a hill station near my home town and one of my favorite destinations. The reasons i love this place, it’s never too much crowded. Considering the 1500ft+ elevation above sea level, […]

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India Trip

From the minute i landed in India till i hopped on the plane back to Chicago, there wasn’t a minute when it wasn’t raining there. Well, it was both good and bad. It was green pretty much everywhere and yes the bad thing, i wasn’t able to be on the road as much as i […]

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Selva & Kavikuyil Sarojini

Such a fun wedding… enuf said… One of the sole reasons why i traveled to India, to attend my buddy’s wedding at my home town. Shooting this marriage was certainly in my mind. When i attended the wedding reception the day previous to wedding, i realized that i’ll surely be pissing off the wedding camera crew if […]

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F o l l o w   M e !