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Rainy day

It’s Sunday and it started raining. You’ve gotta be kidding me…. coz i had plans to get out to the city and guess what, Metra was operating trains behind schedule. Anyway, i decided to get around my apartment complex and shoot the rain. I always have shot video with my DSLR on my trips but […]

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Is it cold out there ?

I know… living in Chicago and asking if its cold out there in February is the dumbest thing. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to go see the Ice skating rink in the Millennium park for a while and last weekend the whole day’s sunny weather on Saturday fooled me and I landed in the city and guess what.. It was […]

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2011 Chicago Auto Show

It’s the Auto Show week in Chicago. Last weekend had a beautiful weather here. And i decided to drive to the city and see the Auto Show. I decided to carry light, Just my camera with 16-35mm lens and my tripod. The Auto show crew always has a big ‘No No’ ready for tripods but […]

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I have seen and read a lot about pictures capturing smoke and have tried capturing it a couple of times. But those shots never made it beyond my backup Hard-disk(!). Last week i got one of my dream lenses delivered.. Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. And it was time to take this little […]

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Chicago snow blizzard 2011

The snow blizzard of 2011. It was just amazing. In simple words, it was just like living the movie ‘The day after tomorrow’. Never been through a snow blizzard and i was tempted to ask uncle Google what it meant and it took 14seconds for Google to spit the answer., Here it is.. –Sustained winds […]

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F o l l o w   M e !