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Let It Flow

When I visited the Smoky Mountains the first time, I knew I was going back there again. Last time i was there for fall season and I wanted to be there during spring. What other time better than the Memorial Day weekend. Voila! Road trip… Because, I knew I won’t able to reach there by […]

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St. Patrick’s Day – Chicago(2012)

The past two years I wanted to be in Chicago to see this event, they weather played horrible tricks to keep me away but this year it was a beautiful day to hangout in the city. And the City Transportation Board wasn’t kidding when they mentioned that they were expecting 50k people visiting the city. The place […]

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Yercaud – There is a pretty good chance that most south Indians would know this place but i won’t be surprised if someone replied..’the where..’ It’s a hill station near my home town and one of my favorite destinations. The reasons i love this place, it’s never too much crowded. Considering the 1500ft+ elevation above sea level, […]

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I still remember the time when i was in high school and whenever i saw a documentary on NATGEO or Discovery where flower blooms were shown, used to wonder ‘how in the world someone managed to capture a flower bloom!?’ Those were the days when we were connecting to the ‘www’ using the weird sounding […]

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F o l l o w   M e !