I still remember the time when i was in high school and whenever i saw a documentary on NATGEO or Discovery where flower blooms were shown, used to wonder ‘how in the world someone managed to capture a flower bloom!?’ Those were the days when we were connecting to the ‘www’ using the weird sounding dialup modems which managed to get us online at 28kbps(!).

I couldn’t find an answer at that point and so this project in here dates back to approximately 15 years. Finally i got to capture the flower blooming moments. Captured over a period of 10 days. Mostly past 10pm. I did a little bit of experimentation before getting started with this project. I had a little table studio setup with all the lights in my patio(I’m pretty sure, my neighbors thought ‘what the hell is this guy upto all night’) because the room’s air-conditioning didn’t make the flowers happy.

If you don’t care much on the how this was done, go straight to the video..

1 picture shot in RAW format every 2 minutes using an intervalometer. The video is played back at 30 frames per second. Which in other words mean, to have the video of 1 second long it’s a hour of shooting. The pictures were color corrected in Adobe Lightroom and exported to JPEG and sequenced in Adobe After Effects.

Gear Used: Canon 5D Mark II & Canon T1i, Canon 100mm f2.8 L IS, Lighting: Continuous white light from Camera right(high) and another one on camera left(low) Software Used: Adobe LR3, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 & After Effects.

Here is the video, Watch it in HD if your bandwidth permits.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Here is the Vimeo Link(for better video compression),


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