Let me start by saying… Happy new year everyone… It’s a good new year ahead of us and I wish everyone following this blog and their families n friends a very happy, awesome and a successful year ahead..It’s 2015 already…Time flies if you are having fun or not!!…well…the choice is your’s.

BTW… Where are my floating hover-boards and self-lacking Nikes, like ‘Back to the future 2’ predicted. But one thing., sure as hell I’m not dressing up like this.

2014… If some one told me to sum it all up in one word.. I don’t think, I can.. coz it was ‘Soooooo freaking awesome..’ and I’m pretty sure there is no better way to sum it up. And I mean every word in there. I’m looking forward to this great new year 2015. I already have a dozen travel plans on my calendar which takes me to some super crazy n breath-taking destinations around the Con-U.S(for now!!). Locations which I’ve been longing to get to forever.. Hopefully I get enough time off to fulfill these trips but that’s least of my worries and I hope 2015 turns out to be more fun and adventurous than 2014.. 🙂

Like I always said before in some of my previous blog posts, I suck at giving directions to my models.. One thing I know, I’m improving at that specific skill and at the really slow pace. I mean ketchup slow 😉
And then I meet models like Paula, who direct photographers. Did I mention that she did it with a positive attitude.. if I didn’t.. well.. She seem to have a knack for that.

About this shoot.. Paula. She is a great model and had lots of ideas and knows how to make the shoot a super fun one.

She is very good at posing and creating ideas which she knows she looks great in.
Even before we started to discuss the shoot, she had a whole shoot ideas to make the shoot productive and fun!
I don’t expect anything more than this from a model whom I work I with..
She was super fun to work with and would love every opportunity during the time ahead, to work with her.
This whole shoot was just a couple hours long but was fun all along and I could tell, she is very natural at posing and grasping what the idea of the shoot was all about.

Light Setup: One light in front from top of her though a Westcott 43 inch Apollo Orb. The second and third behind her to illuminate the background. All lights triggered wireless-ly using PocketWizard Flex TT5 & Mini TT1 combo.

Model: Paula Thompson
Lights: 3 x Canon 580 EX II
Cameras: Canon 5D Mark III & Canon 5D Mark II
Lenses: Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 II L and Canon 100mm f2.8 L
Wireless triggers: PocketWizard Flex TT5 & Mini TT1, controlled with a AC3 ZoneController

Here are the pictures from the shoot.
Warning before you scroll down: Some or all of the pictures below are NSFW.

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