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It was one of those days in Chicago, when you look outside to see the weather is so nice & sunny and it does feel good when you are outside and as time in the day goes on, its still sunny but you feel so damn cold. All Chicagoans exactly know what i’m talking about. I […]

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Michigan Light Houses

Not sure How and when the Michigan Light houses got into my ‘to-do’ list but i was hoping to do it as soon as the weather got a little better. For a change it was real nice to see $3.70/Gallon on the gas price. All of us, Chicagoans are living the $4.20/Gallon lifestyle(Grrrrrrr…). I knew […]

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“So.. It’s destiny..” her eyes widened in joy, when i told her that this was the first photoshoot with my Canon 5D Mark III. Well, yeah.. I had very little to say.. It was the camera’s destiny to capture Dhara. We set to have the shoot as early as possible and we started around 8a.m […]

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One of the beautiful days in Chicago’s spring.. Hopefully all the predictions about snow doesn’t come true. We started the shoot around 9.30a.m and no question about how much fun it was the whole shoot was. I’m pretty sure, Alka was right on the edge to drive my light stand into my throat as i spent most of […]

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F o l l o w   M e !