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54th Annual Chicago Air & Water Show

The Chicago City expected approximately 2 million visitors, trust me they were absolutely right. I almost stayed awake all previous night to get to North Avenue Beach by 6a.m. And it was well worth it to get me the spot i had in mind, pretty much up front and close. You tend to forget how […]

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Rockefeller Memorial Chapel

Let me start by saying this… I have never been inside a Church or a chapel till now in my life. Did i want to be in one.. Sure. Whenever i see pictures of the interiors of Churches and Chapels around the world, I did want to go in there to capture its interior architectural […]

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Beautifully blue

My Singh-Ray Graduated ND(Neutral Density) filters as super awesome. The Singh-Ray 3-stop Hard stop Grad ND & 2-Stop Soft Grad ND have been added to my gear list recently and a day with breath-taking clouds is the right day to take it for a spin. These pictures were shot at a forest preserve near my […]

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Chicago snow blizzard 2011

The snow blizzard of 2011. It was just amazing. In simple words, it was just like living the movie ‘The day after tomorrow’. Never been through a snow blizzard and i was tempted to ask uncle Google what it meant and it took 14seconds for Google to spit the answer., Here it is.. –Sustained winds […]

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F o l l o w   M e !