Rockefeller Memorial Chapel

Let me start by saying this… I have never been inside a Church or a chapel till now in my life. Did i want to be in one.. Sure. Whenever i see pictures of the interiors of Churches and Chapels around the world, I did want to go in there to capture its interior architectural beauty. But again, I had a whole lot of questions in my mind… First and foremost, “Am I in even allowed in there?” Lets face it, being from a country(should say religion) with strong beliefs on deities and extreme regulations inside temples..hmmm..not a surprise. When i started doing my homework to find answers, I quickly came to know that as far as i’m not trying yo do the obvious things that might bring trouble (I’m not gonna list those here, you know what i mean!) i’m going to be fine inside a church/chapel.

Now, the next big question… Will they allow me to bring my camera inside and if possible let me put my tripod inside without breaking any safety code. Because tripods are really frowned upon nowdays in most places where crowds gather in closed places. I guess, i do understand why. Anyway, when i started talking to an acquaintance about finding a chapel to take pictures in without putting myself into lot of trouble, I was recommended with the Rockfeller Chapel in the UIC campus to start with. The staff in here is super friendly. They did mention that they don’t much care as far as i stayed in the un-restricted spaces inside the chapel. This place was so quite..I mean, real quite… If i would have payed a little more attention, I would’ve heared myself blink.

I did carry light for this shoot. 2 camera bodies and one lens. And here are the pictures below. I’ll let them speak for itself.

Gear Used: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon T2i. Canon 16-35mm f2.8 II.




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