Beautifully blue

My Singh-Ray Graduated ND(Neutral Density) filters as super awesome. The Singh-Ray 3-stop Hard stop Grad ND & 2-Stop Soft Grad ND have been added to my gear list recently and a day with breath-taking clouds is the right day to take it for a spin.

These pictures were shot at a forest preserve near my work. These filters doesn’t have any color shift and worth every buck spent.

For those who are curious what a Graduated ND filter does, here is the explanation. The Grad ND filter is a piece of glass which is graduated to Neutral density for one half and changes to clear glass abruptly or the soft way. The reason, when there is a defined horizon(like the 1st picture below, where you can see the transition between the land & sky) in a scene you can use Hard stop but when there isn’t a defined horizon, you end-up using soft stop filters. This grad ND filters are placed in front of the lens to fool the camera’s sensor.

These filters are a go to piece of gear for landscape photographers when including the bright sky in the picture. I handhold these filters in-front of the lens and trigger the camera with a remote switch(to prevent any vibrations).

Picture Info: Shot with Canon 5D Mark II, 16-35mm f2.8 II, Singh-Ray 3-stop Hard stop Grad ND & 2-Stop Soft Grad ND. Software Used: Adobe LR3 for lens profile correction and CS5 for spot removal(I didn’t notice the dust on my lens while shooting).





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