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Why isn’t this blog more active just like it used to be before…well.. I can answer it in a word.. NDA(I hear ya’ll smart’s an acronym.. not a word.. I know.. :-P). For now, I’m bound by half a dozen of them which will immediately get me into trouble for sharing any of my […]

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Smoky Mountains Trip

When i posted my time-lapse video project of my Smoky mountains trip in my previous post, I was overwhelmed with queries about the video. When i wrote the blog all i had in my mind was, not to add a load of technical details but guess i was wrong. I did reply personally to all queries, so i hope […]

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Let it splash

Arduino… I can spend the next couple of months just trying to describe the possibilities this little fella has. I just modified the code from my previous project and made it into a Laser tripwire. In other words, after an object passes through the laser beam to break the circuit the flash will fire either immediately or […]

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If you are lucky(or unlucky) enough to be at my desk at work, you would have an idea for sure who these lill guys are.. Yeah, these are the guys who guard my desk with their inter-galactic powers. I’ve always been mesmerized by the infinite white background photos and now is my chance to try it out. Before i […]

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Close Encounters

Millipedes – That’s how most of us know it. I often end-up mixing it up with Centipedes, not sure of the reason. These are just abundant in damp weather areas. Knowing their size, they often see their last light after a bike/car tire rolls over them or some person simply puts all their body weight on […]

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F o l l o w   M e !