Agra Trip

The firm which takes care of my everyday bread had this amazing trip arranged to Agra for a 3 day official get-together.

This is one of those trips where I just assumed, “This is an official trip..why would i need all my camera equipment, Lemme just carry the least minimal gear…why would I need a flashgun.. If at best I’m gonna be at the Taj..” But guess what happened, I ended up shooting the entire trip and as 65% of the events were indoors with poorly(badly.. pick one..) a flashgun would’ve been awesome but doesn’t matter now, I cannot post those pics here for obvious reasons.

Taj Mahal.. This is the name that everyone in the world remembers about India right after Call centers and painstakingly crowded roads. This is my second visit to the Taj Mahal.

For those who haven’t been there even once, I just gonna say it out so the expectations are set right. The Taj Mahal isn’t really white… There I said it.. The reason I’m making this a primary point is, that’s all I heard while walking around the Taj..”I thought Taj Mahal is white“. well..It’s not.. This Mughal emperor built monument is surrounded by so many industries and factories that emit more amount of pollutants in to the atmosphere, they even release toxic components, acidic components in to the near by water bodies which ultimately ends up as rain with high acidic contents and has turned the Taj into an light brownish yellowy colored building.

Also, I visited really early on a Sunday which based on my experience isn’t a great idea. The place was jam-packed(duh!.). Looking at my face expression, My guide chuckled and replied “If you think this is crowded, try to be here on a Friday..”. Because, the entry is free on Fridays(I can imagine..Yipes!).  Lots of lame security scanning procedures, the award-winner is., ‘It’s o.k to have a memory card inside the camera but if there was one extra in the camera bag, that had to be left behind’. Heyy….what do i know!

Dear Policymakers, I applaud having enough security and scanning systems in & around the monument but it would be really awesome if you employ English(even a little should be good enough) speaking personnel which would help the foreign nationals and also the lucky Non-Hindi speakers like me to understand your policies(meant in a nice way).

Just my thoughts. Here are the shots.

Gear Used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM, EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

[Above] I figured, It reads “Call Lala Anywhere All Agra”

[Above] This is a handheld shot of the Taj. It was super foggy during the early morning when I got there.

[Above] Another Handheld shot from the right-side of the Taj

[Above] Close zoomed in shot with my 70-200 of the tomb

[Above] Wide angle shot of two of the four pillars around the Taj

[Above] Some shots yell BW, these two men reaching the other side of the Yamuna river right behind the Taj.

[Above] A security guard poses for a quick shot.

[Above] Sun rises as a security guard walks on (Darwaza-i rauza)—gateway to the Taj Mahal.

[Above] I was watching these two with shutter fingers for a while and waited till they got in this position in front of the mosque.

[Above] Is the long party night with the bonfire at the hotel we stayed.

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