Mahesh + Swathi Wedding

Indian weddings…. No matter which part of the country it happens, it’s all about colors. Before you can even catch a breath, there is a ritual happening which you cannot afford to miss from clicking. The one wedding which I shot earlier was a video project and never got a chance to shoot pictures but this time, it’s all about pictures.

My good friend Mahesh invited me to his wedding which happened in Nellore and I did make it point to carry some minimal gear to shoot the wedding. Well… You know… that minimal gear(MIII+Canon 70-200mm f2.8 II combo) was already pissing off the photographer(Stare straight at the camera and smile when I end the count till ‘3’ breed) who was hired to shoot the wedding. Nothing wrong with this kind of photographers and trust me, they cannot be replaced. The reason, as I said earlier.. the number of rituals involved and making sure every relative who attended the wedding was captured once to the least. No… Photo-booths don’t work here, unless if there is some super fancy insurance that can cover the gear. The only issue I have with these photographers, they just kill the natural emotions in people (especially in Bride and Groom…Duh!) and make them look like deer(s) stuck in a headlight.. No offense. 🙂

That being said… After I got to India, I have already turned down a dozen requests to shoot weddings but from now on, I’m open to these requests and If there is a wedding coming up that you want me to shoot… Send me a note to discuss the terms. Please use my Contact page or buzz me on Facebook.

The couple – Beautiful
The wedding – Every aspect already thought of and perfectly choreographed

My best wishes to the couple and wishing them a healthy married life.

Here are the shots…

Thanks for stopping by… 🙂

Perumal - February 26, 2013 - 5:06 am

One of the Memorable event..Long way drive with exciting experiance

And the gesture of welcome made me to admire .Thanks to Mahesh

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