Churches around Chicago

I thought I would start this blog post with a portion of this chat i had with a friend of mine recently.

Mr.? : When did u become a Christian
Me    : Umm… No idea wht u r talkin abt n not sure y u asked this
Mr.? : U kno why I’m askin this
Me    : Trust me, No.
Mr.? : You’ve been capturing a lot of Churches recently, So i figured u became a christian.
(Well, at this point I’m expecting a ‘LOL’ after this previous sentence but not a thing, zippo)
Me    : Ummm…. wow! So, if I shoot inside a Synagogue tomorrow., does it mean I’ve become Jewish?
Mr.? : U seem very interested in Churches, that’s y i askd
Me    :…………………….(I did answer my friend but I would rather rephrase my answer in the rest of my post)

To be short and simple., I stalk light, chase colors and capture beauty where I see it.

Now where in hell does religion come here in the middle of all this ? And I love to shoot architecture. IMHO, I don’t think this makes me a person of specific religious belief.

I was kinda surprised when i had to explain all these. But anyway I’m really not sure when and how i fell in love with shooting churches. But I’m pretty sure I have a long way to go before my thirst to shoot Churches is completely taken care of.

Anyway, Chicago is already having the fall colors blended everywhere around the city and needless to say that it is turning even more gorgeous. Also, This is kinda of a delayed post because I am currently travelling and won’t be back in Chicago for couple of months to the least. I’m really gonna miss Chicago so badly.

Gear Used: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM,  Manfrotto 055MF3 MagFiber Tripod + Manfrotto Q5 054 Magnesium Ball Head

Here are the shots.,

Queen of All Saints Basilica – This is an awesome church in the northern suburbs. Real colorful and amazing light setup.

Another shot of the Queen of All Saints Basilica which shows the  organ.

Shot at the Holy Name Cathedral in downtown Chicago.

Shot at the St. Francis Xavier Parish, La Grange, IL.

Another shot of the St. Francis Xavier Parish, La Grange, IL.

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