Starved Rock

Here are the pictures i shot during the trips to Starved Rock State Park. The place is just fabulous. Loved my time spent there.

This is pretty much the first time, i got my chance to experiment with my Singh-Ray Grad ND filters.

Grad ND who.. I know… Almost all of us, took pictures of breathtaking scenes(sunsets, sunrises, beaches, more with bright skies..) with our digital cameras and when we see the images back on the computer screen, the sky is washed out white(damn..). The reason being our camera doesn’t see the scene as our eye sees it. Here comes the Singh-Ray Grad ND filters which is a way to fool the camera’s sensor to underexpose the parts of the image that are too bright and bring the sky back to life. These filters are a gift to Landscape photographers

P.S: Too little experiment, I know. More to come in future posts. I would also post with/without filter pictures in a later post.

Gear Used: 5D Mark II, Canon 16-35mm, Singh-Ray Grad ND Filters(2-Stop, Hard-Step & 3- Stop, Soft-Step), Fader Solid ND 400.

Software Used: Adobe LightRoom 3



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