Lone Planet

Here is the video i put together that i shot with my 5D Mark III. As i mentioned in my previous blog on my Michigan trip, the Mark III blew my mind off in every aspect – DSLR video was no exception.

Again, The electronic-level is one of the best features. Very handy while shooting, takes out the guess work while working with horizons. If you haven’t read the ISO comparison test on the rest other million blogs, ISO noise is barely noticebale even at ISO-12800. Moiré, which was one of the most annoying issue for video-graphers on 5D-MII has been taken care of in Mark III. Although not having a Clean HDMI out is a disappointment for sure.

Gear Used: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon16-35mm f2.8 II, Canon 70-200mm f2.8 II, Kessler Pocket Dolly.

Well, that’s enough i guess. And now here comes my story-telling part.. why… because.. I Can.. I know, what’s the fun in saying that. But when i put together the video and the BG music came along, i thought ‘what if i put a prelude for this video’.  and voila..

Read the rest of this imagining that it’s being narrated by Alec Baldwin.,

They came by air in what some of us always thought were secret military experiments and urban legends but they did exist – UFOs. NORAD and SETI servers were clocking off charts, trying to understand their communication language. They didn’t park their flying ships right above our cities, instead above most of our mountain ranges.  Those Mountains, we used to climb and hike were their ships they were using to camp amongst us till now. So, Earth wasn’t new to them.

They also came from underneath the waters of our world. We did have our guns and missiles ready, though most of us were busy on social networks trying to figure out how to say ‘welcome’ or ‘take me with you’ in their language. Even if we could have figured that out, it wouldn’t have mattered much. Because little did we know, they were on a mission to wipe us out from the face of our home which was known to us as the Planet Earth. They didn’t send rolling balls of fire, they didn’t send 18-legged tall monsters to suck cities in either. Instead they sent microbes that turned our own to kill n consume us. The microbes made us Cannibals, all they had to do is to watch us eat our own kind.  I’m one of the last few hundreds left behind with no trust on my own species. Our beaches were always crowded with families and screaming children on nice summer days, the trees used to start being green when spring starts and none of these happen anymore. The world as we knew it, isn’t the same anymore… Here is my video log of survival day # 831


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