Tucson Trip

I spent the Christmas holiday weekend at Tucson, Arizona. I would call it ‘The Land of Cacti & Sunshine”.  The place is hugely filled with a variety of cactus named Saguaro(pronounced ‘sva-row’) which is really cool to look at and you get to know the real size of it only when you get closer.

Met wonderful people Marty & BJ. They are spending Chicago’s snowy winter time in Tucson. Am simply amazed by the amount of information they had gathered on every detail of Tucson.

I spent lot of time, hiking. The whole place is surrounded by mountains and there are really great canyons and valleys which gives you breath-taking views. Almost every piece of vegetation here, has thorns on it(Good to know that Darwinism still works.)

I also had a chance to visit Ansel Adam‘s(One of the greatest photographers of the last century) photographic gallery.

Here are the pictures from the trip(Click on the thumbs size images to see the actual size images.).

The first time i saw a star trail was when a local newspaper in India published pictures of a meteor shower. They also had an article explaining on how the picture was shot by exposing the film for a long time. The next day i was sitting on my house’s terrace trying to do the same thing with my film SLR and ended up wasting half a film role(20 exposures).

And when i upgraded to Digital SLR, i kept telling myself that i should try to capture the star trail and Chicago’s sky is never clear enough to get the star trail but the skyline above Tucson was stunningly clear that you can see every possible detail of the universe with naked eye.

And here you go..

Picture Info: Tripod Mount, Exposure Time: 50 minutes. ISO-400

BJ & Marty Kass - February 10, 2011 - 7:19 pm

Yea! for you. These pictures are fantastic and amazingly beautiful.
I didn’t know if you remembered but 2 is at the Desert Museum;3 & 4 at Catalina State Park; 5-8 at Sabino Canyon. It would have a fabulous experience if you had been here in the desert last winter. Sabina was at flood stage with waterfalls, etc.

Good work. I am sure your parents are proud of you. Marty and I are, too.

admin - February 10, 2011 - 7:41 pm

Thanks a lot Mrs.BJ.
This really means a lot to me. The experience was absolutely wonderful for me. When i told my parents about my trip, I told ’em I just felt like being from my home about all the time i was there.
Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog.
If you landed on the “Tucson-Trip” link directly, you can also get to see more of my pictures at this link below.,

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