Aper.. the.. who.. what… I know.. I know.. I do get this a lot…

So, here it is.. Aperture + ism

| Aperture: Aperture is ‘the size of the opening in the lens when a picture is taken’.
| -ism – a suffix, meaning adherence or following an ideology{Source:wiki}

and voila.. So was born Aperturism.com


And yes welcome to aperturism.com. I’m primarily a landscape photographer. I also consider myself as a travel photographer.

I started my shutter release journey at the age of 10 when my dad bought me a Yashica FX-800(35mm film SLR). I upgraded to digital SLR half a decade back and it took me a wink of an eye to realize the vast possibilities.

This site is dynamic. I have enough background in web science to get myself into trouble coding.

If you have questions or want to use my images in your blog/website or simply want to say ‘Hi’, Please use the contact page.

Please visit my blog to checkout my recent work.

Thanks for stopping by & Enjoy your stay!

– Kumaran Alagesan